Sabine Heath-Stones

As far back as I can remember I loved being an entertainer. I would dress up in costumes and put on shows for my family. I was always the first to my older brothers’ band practice, jumping on the bed and jamming to the music! My dad loved musicals and I remember learning to use the CD player to listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack over and over.

In the seventh grade I auditioned for the main character in My Fair Lady. I did not get the role and from that moment on I vowed to get the main role the next year. So I started taking voice lessons, preparing for the next audition. The lessons paid off because my eighth grade year I was cast as Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance! Taking the stage for the first time, in front of all those people, was life changing. From that moment on I was hooked!

Throughout high school I was incredibly involved in Musical Theatre and choir. My Madrigal group toured Europe, and sang in every major Cathedral from London to Rome. Pursuing my love for music and performance I enrolled at Wichita State University. I majored in Vocal Performance and was cast in both musical theatre productions as well as Opera. I studied in Florence, Italy in the summer of 2005 in the Canta in Italia program. I was also a member of the prestigious Concert Chorale for three years.

When I wasn’t singing during my undergrad I was an active member of the Delta Gamma sorority. I became heavily involved in our service for sight program where I worked closely with children who had visual disabilities, as a lead camp counselor at Heather’s Camp for six consecutive summers. I loved working with the kids. Working with children was something I knew I was good at because I still feel like a kid myself!

During my last year in undergrad I took the Music Together® Teacher training up in Denver, CO in March of 2009. I found myself so inspired by the program because of the way it blends all my favorite things, music, performing, children, and fun! It was a perfect fit. Moving down to Austin has been such an amazing experience. Carey has taught me so much, and as a teacher I am so happy to be a part of the excellent program here at Heartsong. Music and performing are such an integral part of my life and I am blessed to be able to share it with my classes through Music Together.


"Loved Sabine! She was so sweet with my son. I was just sad to leave the class early when our schedule changed. Great voice and variety in songs from class to class. She also engaged each child."

"Sabine's gentle, calm nature shines during class. Our class is full of walking one year olds and she does a terrific job of teaching our busy group.  She is so personal and loves my son. She has been a bright spot to our Wednesdays! We love Ms. Sabine!""

"We loved Sabine, she was fantastic! She was energetic, present, playful, lighthearted, inspiring, fun and engaging. She also knew how to strike the perfect balance and not overwhelm the children. We will definitely be enrolling again with Sabine. Our first Music Together class has infused every part of the day with music, singing and dancing. I can't say enough good things."

"I could sing Sabine's praises all day. She is great with everything. Our kids love her (and we do too), and she connects so well with them (and us). The calm spunk and enthusiasm in her classes has definitely spread into our language at home. We love her classes and look forward to seeing her each week." 

"Ms. Sabine is our most cherished music teacher. We absolutely love her approach and she is amazing with both the kids and adults."  

"Sabine was absolutely delightful. Her warm personality was welcoming and peaceful at the same time. She was attentive to each child and made class fun for the adults as well."

"Sabine's voice makes us want to cry because it's so beautiful. We love having her as our teacher. She is really good with the kids."

"Sabine is amazing and so patient with the toddlers, who often have their own agendas. We love her."

"Sabine is a wonderful teacher, my daughter is always happy to see her. I really like that she points out musical things that my daughter does that I didn't realize, like that she's keeping the beat while drumming." 

"We have had a wonderful experience with Sabine as our instructor. My almost 2 year old loved coming to class every week and remembered everything that Sabine showed us in class. Sabine was enthusiastic, patient and encouraging. We would gladly take another one of her classes again."

"I really appreciate Sabine's enthusiasm for the class and her students. She does a remarkable job of engaging all of the students. She has also been very patient with my son who is slow to warm up and often doesn't sit with the group. Bringing both of my children to her class has been a truly rewarding experience."

"Sabine was a wonderful combination of calm and enthusiastic, warm and full of genuine smiles. We enjoyed her beautiful singing voice and guitar playing."

Sabine's voice is beautiful and her smile is bright. She makes kids feel comfortable and free. We were very satisfied with her kindness and help."

"She is wonderful and adapts to the kids' changing patterns of behavior really well." 

"Sabine is amazing! A beautiful singer herself, she never fails to make everyone (kids and adults alike) comfortable enough to fully participate in class."