Rhythm Kids Online by Music Together®

Online Music Classes for Children Ages 4-2nd grade

Kids know what they like. For age four through 2nd grade, it's telling silly stories, playing games (with rules, of course!), and sharing new things. What are Rhythm Kids Online classes all about?

  • Our interactive Rhythm Kids Online classes tap into how big kids are wired to learn. Music games, rhythm pattern play, drumming, and more, engage their creativity---and inspire them to explore their musicality in new ways, both during and outside class. (No promises, but you just might find your child making music instead of watching YouTube!)
  • During each weekly, high-energy class, kids have a blast singing, dancing, and jamming to rhythms and tunes inspired by musical traditions around the world.
  • Their specially trained teacher leads group and individual activities that get students up and moving as they learn to compose, choreograph, and conduct.
  • Bonus: The music and movement activities naturally support several key developmental areas, including executive function, emerging math skills, and leadership.
  • By the end of the semester, they'll be proud to show off all the new skills they've mastered!

You and your child will experience:

  • Immersion in the musical language of many cultures, including West African Gahu, Japanese Taiko, Brazilian Samba (just to name a few!)

  • Playful music games with rules

  • Deep exposure to complex, fun, and rockin' music

  • Rich, creative experimentation and expression, improvisation, and innovation

  • The rhythms taught in our classes are adapted from the music of Ghana, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Mali, Guinea, Columbia, Senegal, Nigeria and many others. 
  • The music is pitched just right for children's voices, and the arrangements are fun, sophisticated, and loved by children---and grownups! 
  • The combination gives children a rich music experience, and makes this music enjoyable for adult listening, too!

What drum can we use?

  • For our Rhythm Kids 1 class (ages 4-5), you are welcome to use any drum you have at home, or purchase a djembe drum.
  • For our Rhythm Kids 2 class (age 5-9), each child will need to purchase a djembe drum.
  • Djembe drums can be purchased online from our instrument distributor Mindy's Music Kids

Classes include:

  • One 45 minute Zoom class with Becca Myers, for Rhythm Kids 1 (4 and 5 year olds), on Tuesdays at 11:00 or 3:30pm. 

  • Or one 45 minute Zoom class with Carey Youngblood, for Rhythm Kids 2 (5 - 9 year olds), on Thursdays at 4:00pm.

  • Your Zoom class will have a maximum of 14 other parents and caregivers and their children who are also enrolled in your Zoom class! Your teacher will email you an invitation to your weekly Zoom class when you register. It won't be necessary for you to purchase any additional software in order to access this feature. All you will need is a laptop, cell phone, or tablet!

  • KANGAROO Rhythm Kids Songbook, 1 CD, and digital downloads 

  • Access to online drum-play videos by the creator of Rhythm Kids, Tom Foote, and other materials

Contact us at heartsong@heartsongmusic.net if you would like to learn more about our Rhythm Kids Online program!

We hope you can join us this Fall Session!!