Daphne Washburn


My first musical memory is singing Bob Dylan songs with my mother. As a child I enjoyed improvising on our giant pump organ, my feet barely reaching the pedals, composing simple melodies using only the black keys.


In school I enjoyed choir class the most, and I joined a college level choir at the age of 17. I have fond memories of performing Rachmaninov with the choir and then going to see The Ramones in concert. I love all styles and genres of music and I believe that music enriches our society by bringing all kinds of people together to share a common ground.


I have a music performance degree and I have worked in early childhood music education field for over 10 years. I taught infant and preschool Music for Musically Minded in Seattle, Washington for 2 years and I managed and taught music at a Gymboree Play and Music in Seattle, Washington for 2 years. 


I have been working for Heartsong Music since October of 2012. I began teaching Music Together® classes with our preschool Outreach program in 2015. Currently, in addition to being the assistant director and registrar, I am teaching mixed age classes at Heartsong Music.


My greatest joy is singing and dancing with children!