Aprende Cantando

Aprende Cantando is a program designed to help children learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way during a developmentally crucial age for language acquisition. Because we teach Spanish through music, it allows children to learn the language in a more natural way rather than through formal academic instruction. Learning through music in a parent and child class also offers families a way to incorporate Spanish at home and reinforce the learning process.

In class, teachers use a combination of fingerplay, dancing, props, puppet shows and picture books to visually represent the meaning of the songs we sing. We have created 3 different song collections to allow families 3 full semesters of class before a song collection is repeated. Families are also given a beautifully illustrated songbook with lyrics and translations to help them further explore the songs at home. Aprende Cantando uses a combination of contemporary and traditional children’s songs that introduce age appropriate vocabulary such as colors, numbers, animals, weather, clothing, occupations, parts of the body, food, chores, emotions, modes of transportation and so forth.

The songs used in class are simple and repetitive to make language learning accessible to both children and parents. Everyone is welcome to join us for Aprende Cantando! It is not necessary for parents to know Spanish in order to follow along. There is usually a good mix of families- some are fluent and some are totally new to Spanish, although most parents fall somewhere in the middle. Because language instruction is the focus of the class, song lyrics are displayed on posters for parents to be able to follow. Our posters are also illustrated to offer children a way to piece together the meaning of what we are singing about. Aprende Cantando is also not a Spanish immersion class. While the music and simple instructions are communicated in Spanish by the teacher, English is also used to convey more complex instructions and to share ideas of things parents can do at home to reinforce the language.

For the Fall Session, tuition for the first child is $255, reduced rate for a sibling is $180, and for a third child in the family $120.There is a $5.00 processing fee for returning families and a $15.00 processing fee for new families. Babies 10 months and younger at the time of registration are free when an older sibling registers. Tuition includes a songbook and families will be given instructions for how to separately purchase the songs used in class. The approximate cost of music is $25.

Natalie Kane  will be teaching this 12-week music-filled, action-filled, fun-filled class that begins on September 12 and goes through December 10. (We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving, November 20-26.) Natalie spent her childhood in Mexico and moved to the states when she was 18 years old to go to UT. She is a accomplished singer and guitarist and is passionate about helping families learn and speak the Spanish language!






"Both my kids and I have a great time during class and have learned a lot of Spanish vocabulary".

"The program seems flexible and tuned in to the needs of the participants in class. There is a wide variety of songs and they are presented at a level that children will enjoy and learn."

"Our entire family loves and gets a lot out of our participation in the Heartsong Spanish classes. We have a great time, and all of us have increased out knowledge of Spanish. Thank you!"

"This class is an age-appropriate fun class that has helped my daughter become excited about Spanish."

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