Music Together® Guitar Class for Grownups

Carey Youngblood
Heartsong Music (location map)
Tuesday, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
04/10/18 - 05/29/18 (8 weeks)

Music Together Guitar Class for Grownups was designed for parents and caregivers of children currently enrolled in a Music Together class. In this 90-minute class, you’ll learn basic guitar technique and selected songs from the current song collection so that you can make even MORE beautiful music at home. This class is good for beginners who have never held a guitar—good for people who know a little guitar, and great for people who already play some Music Together songs!

Sing and build technique and musicianship in an organic, relaxed way while learning new ways to explore Music Together songs with your child at home and on the road. And, it’s an enjoyable night out with other parents of small children. The class runs for 8 weeks. Participants receive a workbook and bring their own guitar, capo, and tuner. If you would like to learn to play guitar using Music Together songs as the vehicle, this is the class for you!

What's in a class:

A fun, supportive learning environment for adults that includes many aspects of the Music Together philosophy.

Instruction in chords, strums and finger picking, and good guitar technique; movement activities to assist with audiating both chording and rhythm; a variety of techniques to build strength, facility with changing chords, and good practice skills; and the opportunity to make up verses and do ensemble work, just like in a mixed-age class.

An opportunity for parents to socialize with other parents of young children, and an opportunity for the teacher to answer questions about children’s music development as well as guitar technique.

• Small classes and a relaxed group environment that fosters great relationships and participatory music-making

What You Get:

Students receive a collection-specific Guitar Workbook each semester, with an instructional guide, chord charts, and workbook pages for over a dozen songs, to complement the song collection’s family songbook and recording.

A family web page, featuring “How to Tune Your Guitar” video and other resources

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Upcoming Meetings
05/01/18    6:30 PM Tuesday 05/01/18 6:30 PM
05/08/18    6:30 PM Tuesday 05/08/18 6:30 PM
05/15/18    6:30 PM Tuesday 05/15/18 6:30 PM
05/22/18    6:30 PM Tuesday 05/22/18 6:30 PM
05/29/18    6:30 PM Tuesday 05/29/18 6:30 PM